Dr. Warren's expertise spans a range topics under the banner of Race & Equity in Education. 

Specific areas of expertise

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Urban Education
Young Black Men and Boys' Education
Teacher Empathy in Multicultural Teaching Contexts
Critical Race Theory in Education

Public Speaking

Dr. Warren is available for Invited Lectures, Panels or Keynotes (e.g. practitioner and research conferences, seminars, non-profit and social service organizations etc.)


Individual and university, preK-12 school, and school district inquiries regarding ongoing consulting and/or professional development sessions should use the contact form below.

Consulting & Professional Development Inquiries

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Selected Upcoming Speaking Engagements

February 15
East Lansing, MI
Center for Gender in Global Context

February 16
Ypsilanti, MI
Eastern Michigan University Black Leadership Summit Keynote

March 7
College Park, MD
University of Maryland Teacher Education Symposium

March 28 - 29
St. Louis, MO
Washington University Collaboration on Race, Inequality, and Social Mobility in America

April 5 - 8
Toronto, ON
American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

April 18
Orangeburg, SC
Clafin University Men of Color Symposium

April 22
Tucson, AZ
University of Arizona Education Policy Center Invited Lecture

Selected Past Speaking and Consulting

Washington D.C. Mayor's Office | Michigan Department of Education | National Title 1 Association

Baltimore City Public Schools Stanford University University of Pennsylvania University of Michigan

Wake Forest University University of Chicago | University of Pittsburgh | University of California-Los Angeles